About Us

Luxus BP is not just another car rental company; we are your
gateway to luxury and convenience on the road. Established
with a passion for redefining transportation, we bring you a
premium car rental experience that caters to your style and
comfort. Based in the heart of New Jersey, we proudly serve the
discerning individuals of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New
York, offering a range of top-tier vehicles for your driving

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Our Mission

Our main mission is to provide a vehicle rental service through our cutting-edge platform. We enjoy assisting individuals in locating the vehicle they desire and guiding them through the entire process until they are satisfied.

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Best Price Guarantee

You can be sure of booking only at the best rate. We offer competitive rates regardless the make and model of your choice.

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No Hidden Fees

Expect no hidden surprises or tricks under our sleeves! We have our affordable standard prices that won’t bank.

Customer Oriented

Our friendly professionals will accommodate and ensure that you will have only the best experience along the way.

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You will pay the amount that fit your pocket for the car you love. There will be no surprises or hidden costs.